Meet Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts is a professional math tutor. He is a certified teacher in Kansas and licensed to teach secondary mathematics, physics, and earth-and-space science. He has been teaching for 20 years. He also owns a math video service, Mr. X Mentor of Mathematics. In 2012, he was elected to the Kansas State Board of Education for a four-year term.

Roberts first ran for the Kansas State Board of Education in 2008 as an independent candidate, with no party affiliation. He is now a Republican and a member of the Elephant Club, the fund-raising arm of the Johnson County Republican Party.

Roberts’s first college degree was a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, in 1982. In 2007 Roberts earned a master’s degree in education.

Steve lives in Overland Park. He and his wife Mary Pat have five grandchildren whom they see regularly. “We’re blessed and thankful for our family,” Roberts says.

Roberts is known as “Mr. X, Mentor of Mathematics.” His two decades of experience as a private tutor of math, science, and engineering principles has provided the opportunity to build a business to tutor students over the Internet through the Mr. X Math website.

Over the years Roberts has done many things, from tax examiner for the Internal Revenue Service to over-the-road truck driver. He was a sports announcer on KCFX-FM (101 The Fox) and a sports editor for The Kansas City Star and Times.

Steve put himself through college as a vendor at the Truman Sports Complex in Kansas City. He is proud to have attended every World Series game ever played in Kansas City!

Roberts was a project manager at Sprint. He's been a library clerk. He's been an environmental engineer, an electrical engineer, a teacher in colleges and universities, and a teacher of every age group from kindergarten through high school. He has taught in public, private and parochial schools. His specialty is teaching basic mathematics from arithmetic to calculus.


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