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Kansas State Board of Education District 2 Candidate Forum moderated by Brian Brown
October 8, 2016, at the Colonial Church, 7039 Mission Rd, in Prairie Village

2016 Kansas Board of Education District 2 from OP Chamber on Vimeo.

We Should Stop Labeling School Children by Race

When the federal government reaches too far it is up to local government to push back appropriately. The State Board of Kansas favors local control of our schools.

David McCullough on Teaching on 60 Minutes

Math Teacher, Science Teacher

Intelligent Design

Better Schools, Few Rules

Family First

Bill of Rights

Home School

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Steve Roberts elected to the State Board of Education

Steve Roberts officially sworn in as a member of the State Board of Education.

Carolyn Campbell and Steve Roberts comment on School Funding

More from Steve Roberts

We also welcome you to check out Steve's Math Videos at

Steve throws out first pitch at Community America Ballpark

Check out Steve Roberts as Rivets, Sports Environmentalist from 1987.


Paid for by Steve Roberts for State Board of Education; Miguel Cartagena, Treasurer