Steve Endorsed by Concerned Women for America

The nation's largest public policy women's organization endorsed Steve for re-election. Barbara Saldivar, Kansas State Director of CWALAC, made the announcement on August 22, 2016. "Kansas is very fortunate to have a man of proven quality to carry our vision for high educational standards on the Kansas State School Board." CWA Endorsement Press Release.

We Need to Simplify Our Rules and Our Objectives

I have been working on the State Board of Education since January 2013 to bring simplification to our cumbersome rules and systems of mandates, from both the state and the federal levels. To that end, I have transcribed a 1986 U.S. Department of Education Publication called What Works: Research About Teaching and Learning. While I personally do not agree with all the language about homework within it, as I push for more classroom work during school hours (generally) and less homework (generally), this simple and straightforward publication reminds us of simpler days when IEP's were just a page or two, and teachers did not have to answer to a state board that answers to the whims of the federal government's bureaucrats.

Replace Common Core Math

Steve led a team that drafted math standards to replace Kansas College and Career Ready Standards (Common-Core math). It took more than a year to draft these new and improved math standards.

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About Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts is a professional math tutor. He is a certified teacher in Kansas and licensed to teach secondary mathematics, physics, and earth-and-space science. He has been teaching for 20 years. He also owns a math video service, Mr. X Mentor of Mathematics. In 2012, he was elected to the Kansas State Board of Education for a four-year term. Read more.


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